While it's very important to have a great, well-written press release that is timely, interesting and newsworthy, it is also crucial that it gets in the right hands at the right media outlets.


In many circumstances, a mass press release distribution can be beneficial. 

Social Media has rapidly claimed its place as an essential piece of a Publicists’ campaign. It is the new form of spreading the news by word of mouth. Ignoring social media and you will miss a great opportunity for spreading the news about you, your company or organization. 


You lose control of the news about your business that skips across the Internet at lightning speed, whether the news is good or bad, accurate or not, Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter caught fire as a way for people to connect with friends and family; and maintain those connections by updating the events of their lives and spreading the word immediately to anyone interested. 


Yet social media quickly became an obvious channel for businesses wanting to stay connected with consumers in much the same way. 


The majority of businesses today have a website. But most business websites are a place to present information. Overall, the websites are mostly static, focused on information about the company’s products or services and contact info.


blog account and a YouTube, a Twitter. and Instagram account and in many cases, a Facebook page for the businessAdding a begans a two-way conversation with current and potential customers worldwide. 


Don’t look at social media as something to add on once you can find the time. Rather, it should be an integral part of your marketing campaign to broaden your brand’s reach.