Imagery Consultant 

Gwen provides image consulting and life coaching to our business executives, politicians' and celebrities.  


Gwen is a board certified, licensed psychologist and professional life coach. 

Dr. Gwen earned her undergraduate degree from Hampton Institute in Virginia and has an astute passion for the arts, with a shrewdness and perspicacity for design technique that embodies the mind, body, and spirit.  


As our celebrity image consultant, Dr.Gwen works alongside the celebrity's agent using a psychological approach to coordinate promotional events for products, public figures, and other professionals as part of an overall management team including public appearances, staging sets, and other engagements. 


Being a public or celebrity consultant requires a combination of methodical research and education. 


Gwen suggests how to create a look you love based on your lifestyle, your body, and your inner essence with comprehensive, individualized approach— not anyone else’s. 


"What we project often determines success or failure"



  • It’s about how we act. 

  • It’s about how we look, what we do and what we say.

  • It’s about how we feel.


What we project often determines success or failure. You only have a matter of moments to make a first impression because the public makes judgments’ on how people reflect.


That’s how images are shaped.That’s how businesses succeed or fail. That’s how elections are won.   


It matters what you say, what you wear and how you inflect.


  • It matters in person. 

  • It matters for a speech. 

  • It matters for a debate.  

  • It matters most on TV when doing an interview or making a public appearance.

  • It matters in good times and matters during a PR crisis. 


Ultimately, it’s all about perception.